Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final Countdown

Today is the last day of the decade/year. And what a decade/year it has been.
For this entry I just want to convey a message or two:

I've had so many new experiences, made so many new friends, and learned so many new things.
Vague, yes, but I don't have time to sit here and recount every event...that may take the rest of the next decade.
But to all my readers: This is the decade that changed everything. So I say let's make this next one count; let's make the next ten years unforgettable.
Happy New Year,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fa la la la la!

'Tis the season yet again!

With the holidays in progress, (Chanukah has already started and Christmas is on it's way), I'm working my fingers to the bone making gifts for people. I recently received a trash bag filled with yarn as a gift and now it's almost gone! I'm also in the process of making an afghan in between small projects like hats, scarves, etc. so I'm keeping quite busy.

Another update that doesn't have much to do with crocheting (whoa!) is that I'm currently playing the role of Miss Sheilds in the classic tale, "A Christmas Story" at the Schoolhouse Arts Center in Standish, ME. There's only one weekend left and that means only three chances to get tickets! They are $14 for general admission and $12 for students and seniors. It's a hilarious show that will also give you a reminiscent feeling when you think about your own past Christmases.
Oh, and for the record: I get some of my best crocheting done in between scenes (I work very fast when I'm nervous) so don't forget to tell me what you want for the holidays!

I will try to give another update before Christmas, but if not I hope everyone has a safe, happy, healthy, and over-stuffed holiday vacation.