Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final Countdown

Today is the last day of the decade/year. And what a decade/year it has been.
For this entry I just want to convey a message or two:

I've had so many new experiences, made so many new friends, and learned so many new things.
Vague, yes, but I don't have time to sit here and recount every event...that may take the rest of the next decade.
But to all my readers: This is the decade that changed everything. So I say let's make this next one count; let's make the next ten years unforgettable.
Happy New Year,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fa la la la la!

'Tis the season yet again!

With the holidays in progress, (Chanukah has already started and Christmas is on it's way), I'm working my fingers to the bone making gifts for people. I recently received a trash bag filled with yarn as a gift and now it's almost gone! I'm also in the process of making an afghan in between small projects like hats, scarves, etc. so I'm keeping quite busy.

Another update that doesn't have much to do with crocheting (whoa!) is that I'm currently playing the role of Miss Sheilds in the classic tale, "A Christmas Story" at the Schoolhouse Arts Center in Standish, ME. There's only one weekend left and that means only three chances to get tickets! They are $14 for general admission and $12 for students and seniors. It's a hilarious show that will also give you a reminiscent feeling when you think about your own past Christmases.
Oh, and for the record: I get some of my best crocheting done in between scenes (I work very fast when I'm nervous) so don't forget to tell me what you want for the holidays!

I will try to give another update before Christmas, but if not I hope everyone has a safe, happy, healthy, and over-stuffed holiday vacation.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Sharing Harmonic Energy

I've been meditating a lot lately...and I've realized that it makes life a lot easier to just relax.
I've also realized that pretending to relax by putting pressure on yourself to relax is...well, unrelaxing.
All I need is my hook, yarn, and a pattern in my head to relax.

Speaking of hooks, yarn, and patterns I'm still building up an inventory of things to make. Thanksgiving is next week and you know what that means: Black Friday is the next day!! (Insert suspenseful music here)

But, seriously the holiday season is upon us! It tends to sneak up like that. Also, since I'm feeling so balanced and nice I'm trimming the edges of my prices if you order a set (Hat and scarf, hand warmers and hat, neck warmer and hand warmers, etc.) I also make trades.
Anyway, if I don't post again before Thanksgiving I hope everyone has a wonderful and fattening holiday!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Question 1: Maine's Defeat

Get ready, kids, I'm getting political.

I have been living in Maine officially for over a year and I've always loved it here...until now. As some of you know we have been in the middle of a furious battle over question 1: The ban on gay marriage. Well, I'm on the No on 1 side; the side that votes for equality. Sadly, as of last night we have lost. The bigots of Maine won.
I heard someone in class today discussing his point of view on what makes people gay. He said that being gay is a 'fetish' and that people aren't born that way. This guy is a theatre major; a theatre major who is AGAINST gay marriage because he grew up ignorant. This person will remain nameless...well either way I don't know his name...and I don't want to.
I grew up in a Catholic, conservative, homophobic family and I managed to come out of that independent, open minded, and yes LIBERAL. I struggled to find my independence and along the way I realized that there is more to the world than all of this oppressive garbage that gets filtered into our society every single day. Life in this country is going downhill very fast and I, for one am not going to stand for it much longer. This may seem like a rant and this may seem like some sort of liberal rambling, but it's not. It's a statement of our rights as humans to be free, equal, and proud of who we are as individuals.
To those of you who stand with me on this issue, let's give 'em hell.
Love to all you damn liberals; I'm right there with you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dang it, I skipped October!

How sad =(
Oh well, there are more pressing matters at hand!

For one: I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Mine was very fun, but almost not safe because I wore heels. Never again.

For two: I'm working on YET ANOTHER script! It's called "Clutter" and it deals with failing romance, death, and awful ties.
I'm proposing it to be the spring show for the Student Performing Artists (SPA) spring show. If that doesn't pan out I'll just rent a space in the black box and we'll call it square.

For three: I'm also doing some writing for the USM Queer and Allied Youth Writing Project. If anyone is interested in coming to the meetings it's fun! AND you get to do some fun writing projects, act, and vent about people who aren't so nice. Like that guy who called you 'ma'am' instead of 'sir.' It's come on down!

For four (hehe): I am still taking orders for crotched items! Honestly, I don't think I'll ever stop taking orders...but you better act fast if you want your stuff ready in time for the holidays!

Anyway, that about raps it up for now. Stay classy, readers!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Price List

Hello again, all!
Fall is officially here and that means that it's officially knitting/crocheting season!
As I have promised here is a price list for customized items. (Price may change depending on the yarn I use and is negotiable)

Scarves - $20

Hats - $16

Mittens - $16

Socks - $20

Slippers/Slipper Socks - $30

Sweaters - $50

Send requests here, or send a comment with your email and we can work something out from there.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Falling Forward

This will prove to be a very exciting year.

For one, my time at Tim Horton's is officially over! I shall be working at a locally owned coffee shop starting sometime in the next two weeks. For further details, prove you're not a creeper and I'll tell you where exactly it is.

Two, school starts Monday, 8/31 and I have a lot of work ahead of me!
Since I've had considerable costuming experience from FPU I'll be working at the USM costume shop.
Also, auditions for the first show of the season are coming up and hopefully, since I'm a theatre major, I'll at least get something small. I'm not a freshman, but I'm not a senior either so I doubt any lead roles will come my way right off the bat. We can always hope, though!

Finally, since fall is right around the corner, the need to produce socks for the Holiday season will be growing stronger! If anyone wants home made socks as a gift (for themselves or someone else) don't forget to contact me!

Fall is an amazing season.
I hope it gives everyone else that warm fuzzy feeling that it gives me.


Friday, August 7, 2009

The Sock Fairy

So, some of you may know that I love knitting and crocheting.
Well, since my scarf-a-palooza last winter I took a break for a few months before I began making bags again. Recently I read about some sock patterns for crocheting instead of knitting and I got very excited. Since then I've been attempting to find the perfect pattern to make a pair of socks. Finally I gave up and took different parts of different patterns to create my first pair of socks!
They are a nice comfy pair of black slipper socks.
Soon I will be taking orders and selling my stuff on
If anyone is interested in a new pair of normal/slipper socks please let me know and send me your color ideas and foot size.

Friday, July 17, 2009

We All Knew it was Coming...

But sadly, folks, the show must be postponed...
Every actor seems to like it when they come to a rehearsal, but...
They get a better opportunity, something came up, family issues happen, work gets in the way...the never ending excuses are beginning to make me think that there is something wrong with the show and that they feel the need to kiss ass every time they see us. It's as if they can't say in person, "I just don't want to do this."
Ah, well. I'm fine with postponing until we can get some serious actors to do the show. At least then we'll be able to keep rolling on and on until the scheduled production date instead of wasting time in between loosing people looking for more talent.
I'll keep you few readers updated on the progress we make and other projects in the meantime.
Keep your spirits up,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I know this blog is supposed to be for just art...

...but I can't help it, I need to rant.

I feel as if there is a curse placed upon my head regarding shows I write and produce. There's always ONE role that everyone drops out's like the friggin' Defense Against the Dark Arts job or something...
I mean, this is only the second one I've produced, but still...drop-out number two. I found the cursed role: Alex. Damn it...I nearly had a spaz attack last night because I was so frustrated...there is one woman who hasn't come to any rehearsals because she's in another show so I'm attempting to memorize her lines because I have a very VERY bad feeling about it... and I just can't concentrate on ANYTHING at the moment because I have so freaking much on my plate...I hate it. I can't even freaking get through "World War Z" because I can't pick music that I can listen to without getting distracted...Phish helps sometimes, but only sometimes...The Dresden Dolls, Grand Buffet, and any musical soundtrack are instant distractors...those are good to draw to, though...But yeah...WWZ is a great book, everyone should read it.
Jeeze...what's wrong with me? I swore this blog wouldn't be a journal...oh well. Self, you fail.
This is one of those times I wish I didn't quit smoking...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Perversity Update!

The show must go on!
And it will!
I am very proud to announce that we officially have a cast and crew ready for the workshop production of "Perversity and a Shiner" this summer! My good friend John Bryson of New Edge Entertainment has agreed to put on the show with me.
The shows will be the first two weekends in August at the Dana Warp Mill courtesy of Acorn Productions.
I will post ticket information and updates as the show draws closer. This is it, people! This is big!

Here is the cast/crew as of today:


Matt Delamater

Deirdre Fulton

Shannara Gillman

Cody Evans


Russell Gaudet

Si Khuu

Monday, May 11, 2009

Stage Presence: Free Download!

Here you go, folks, the link to the plays:
Stage Presence

It's free to download, but if you want a softcover copy it's about $4.27 plus shipping and handling.

- Feste

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm putting together an anthology of short plays I've written since 2006.

If you are interested in reading/giving feedback, please contact me either here or on my facebook if you have it.

It will consist of the following plays:
  1. An Act of the Unconscious
  2. Behind the Motley
  3. Dark Place Dancing (A Theatrical Contemporary Dance Piece)
  4. Fire
  5. Penguins Dancing the Tango
  6. Z
I will be releasing it only upon request, so let me know if your interested.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Perversity and a Shiner

Here it is, folks:
Perversity and a Shiner

It was almost impossibly irritating to have the entire script on here, so I've provided a link. If the link ceases to work for you, then send me a comment and I will send you a copy via Google Docs or a plain old Word file.
Also, please don't hesitate to give me your opinion. I've been told by several people that it's good, but I would love some more opinions!

Cheers and enjoy!

- Megan

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visual Art: "Huh?"

Hello, all!
I figured that you should be able to see some of my art as well as read it. Therefore, this week's post is a piece I originally designed in Microsoft Paint and then transferred into Adobe Illustrator as a vector image.

Now I leave you with my original piece entitled:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

To My "Avid" Readers

I just wanted to say, THANK YOU!

I didn't realize people actually read my blog so this changes the way things operate!

Since you have been so loyal to my postings you will now get at least one entry per week (if I'm not busy or lazy) and you will get something (hopefully) exciting every time. Make sure to check daily for new updates!
As a hint, I am currently working on my longest play yet. (45 pages and counting so far...)
It's called "Perversity and a Shiner." Look for that and more fun stuff!

Thanks again!

- M.E.J.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Script: An Act of the Unconscious

An Act of the Unconscious
Megan Jackson

The Voice
The Workaholic
The Discouraged
The Quiet One

(Lights up on the Voice standing center stage)

Voice: Simple. One. Two. Three. Three of a kind. Three is a magic number. Twice it makes six. Three times it makes 9. (Pacing) Comedies can happen in threes. (Tone gets darker) Tragedies can happen in threes. (Tone picks up) Three can meet randomly. Three stories can become one. The Workaholic. (Enters from SR, moves to Upstage Center) The Discouraged. (Enters from SL stays Upstage Left) and the Quiet One. (Enters from SR, stays Upstage Right) The Workaholic, tired from a long day at the office, expects to get a good night’s rest for once. (Lays down) The Discouraged, who barely moved from the couch, falls into the depths of his bed, sad that Fate hasn’t made its move. (Lays down) And the Quiet One, speaking nothing, emitting no emotion, falls asleep, keeping her world in her own head. And yet none of them know. They don’t know each other. Their worlds haven’t collided in any way. Yet they seem to be the victims of imagination’s folly. They have yet to realize that they share a dream. Not some dream to change the world, mind you, but a dream that normally takes place in a single mind; an act of the unconscious, if you will. Look and see as what starts out as a single nightmare, becomes three times a nightmare. (Lights dim and everyone exits except the Workaholic. He/she gets up. Lights up)

Workaholic: This is the most outrageous thing anyone has asked me to do! Five hundred pages! Spreadsheets. Timelines. Appointments. Paperwork. Why this is my dream! It’s not supposed to be like this. I need a break, damn it! I need some time! (Freezes. Enter the Voice)

Voice: Time. Ticking away. Every tick of the clock brings one closer to their destiny or lack thereof. Time. The essence of Fate. (Exits. Enter Discouraged. Workaholic still frozen.)

Discouraged: What!? Another rejection? No! I’m never going to get into college! I’ve been trying for so many years and nothing! Nobody has accepted me! Not even in my dream! Maybe I’m not destined to go. I’m so tired of rejection! I can’t take it anymore! I wish there was a way out! (Freezes. Enter the Voice)

Voice: A way out. A hole to crawl into. A security blanket. Each holds an escape. A place where someone can feel safe. (Exits. Enter Quiet One. Workaholic and Discouraged are still frozen.)

Quiet One: What are all these lights? Why am I here? Stop watching me! I thought I’d be safe here! It is a dream isn’t it? This isn’t a show, it’s my head! My head, damn it! Mine! Me! I just want to be alone! Why is this happening! What’s going on!? (Freezes. Enter Voice)

Voice: Why do things never go right? Why does it seem that the world is never on your side? Why? That’s the question. Is there an answer to this profound question? Ask it over and over again in a different way. Why now? Why here? Why this? (All three unfreeze)

All three: Why me?! (All three freeze again) Voice: Why you, indeed. Why are you here? And how (Pause) are you going to get out? (Exits) (All three unfreeze, afraid and upset, suddenly noticing that they aren’t alone.)

Workaholic: Who are you?

Discouraged: What does it matter?

Workaholic: It matters. What are you doing in my dream?

Discouraged: Your dream? I believe this is my dream. You invaded my head.

Workaholic: Well what about you? (Looks at the Quiet One, who then curls up in a ball on the floor) What’s your excuse?

Quiet One: I…I just…I don’t… (Fades off)

Discouraged: Oh that helps. Now what? We’re all stuck here in my head…

Workaholic: Don’t you mean my head?

Discouraged: No, I meant what I said.

Workaholic: How can it be your head if I’m here with Little Miss Crazy over there?

Discouraged: Oh, well that was uncalled for.

Workaholic: I’ll show you uncalled for… (Moves towards Discouraged, rolling up sleeve.)

Discouraged: Oh, that’s how you want to play, is it? Well then, let’s play! (They start to fight)

Quiet One: (Softly) Stop it… Hey, I said stop… (Gets up) Stop! (The fighting continues) I said stop! (Stomps her foot forcefully) STOP DAMN IT STOP!
(The Fighting Stops)

Workaholic: (Trying to act tough) Well well, look who’s decided to come out of the strait jacket.

Discouraged: You know, I don’t think she appreciates that…

Quiet One: Yeah, you’re right, and I don’t appreciate people talking for me, either. (Both look at her in amazement) I’m sorry… (Sits back down in her ball and rocks)

Workaholic: Now look what you did. If it were left to me… Discouraged: If it were left to you she’d probably be a mute.

Workaholic: Oh come on! It’s not my fault she doesn’t talk. (With sudden realization) Maybe it’s because it’s her fault we’re here.

Discouraged: Well we still haven’t figured out whose head we’re in so we can’t…

Quiet One: (Looks up) It’s in all three.

Workaholic: What?

Discouraged: How is that possible?

Quiet One: We’re stuck in the same dream.

Workaholic: Thank you for stating the obvious.

Quiet One: Well something obviously connects us and that’s why we’re here.

Workaholic: But what’s the connection?

Quiet One: That’s what I haven’t figured out yet…

Discouraged: Well… (With slight reluctance) maybe we should get to know each other better. We don’t even know each other’s names.

Workaholic: Well I’m…I’m…Damn it.

Discouraged: What?

Workaholic: I don’t remember my name… (Begins to panic)

Discouraged: What?!

Quiet One: Oh no…

Workaholic: I don’t know my name! (Panic increases)

Quiet One: (Trying to hide her anxiety) I don’t remember mine either…

Discouraged: What’s happening to us!

Workaholic: (On the verge of breaking down) Don’t ask me, I’m in the same predicament you are.

Discouraged: What do we do now!?
(Lights dim and the three “victims” look around in a panic)

Voice: (From offstage) Good evening, you three. (They all look around)

Quiet One: Who is that? Who’s there?

Voice: Who am I? (Laughs) To put it simply, I am the Voice. The one you hide from yourselves; the one buried in the bowels of your unconscious; the one who knows how miserable you really are; the one you thought you never had.

Workaholic: What do you want?

Discouraged: Why are we here?

Quiet One: What did we do?

All three: Why me!?

Voice: (Offstage) Ah, that is the question, isn’t it? Good question, all, good question, indeed. That is what you are here for, now, isn’t it?

Workaholic: Why can’t we remember our names?!

Voice: In here you have no names. In here you are what you made yourselves out to be. (Pause as the three “victims” look around) The Workaholic! (The Workaholic falls) The Discouraged! (The Discouraged falls) The Quiet One! (The Quiet One falls) That’s who you are now! (Pause) You’re wondering why you’re here now, aren’t you? You all have one thing in common, if not your utter confusion and sharing of one dream, or in this case, one nightmare. Figure it out. What do three complete strangers have so much in common that they end up in the same dream? What is it about all of you (Pause) that put you here?
(Lights brighten)

Workaholic: Why don’t you tell us then! Hello? Hello! Ah, damn it! Now what?

Discouraged: It said we all have something in common…but…we don’t even know who we are anymore. For all we know we could be completely different.

Quiet One: Hmm…we can’t be that different.

Workaholic: Chances are pretty good that we are!

Discouraged: Yeah…

Quiet One: Think about what the Voice said. We have titles now. Remember what it called us? It called me the Quiet One.

Workaholic: It called me the Workaholic.

Discouraged: It called me the Discouraged.

Quiet One: See? We know something about ourselves already. (Pause) Hey, what about childhood?

Workaholic: What about it?

Discouraged: How will that help?

Quiet One: Maybe if we remember our lifestyles growing up that could help us solve this puzzle.

Workaholic: If we can’t remember our names then how do you expect us to remember our past?

Quiet One: The Voice took the memory of our names away, but from what I gather, it left everything else.

Discouraged: So we’ll still be nameless, but…we’ll still have our past?

Quiet One: Exactly.

Discouraged: I guess it’s worth a shot.

Quiet One: Think as hard as you can. Remember.

(Lights fade as Workaholic is spotlighted. The other two “victims” are frozen)

Workaholic: I was born into a conservative, upper class family. We never worried about money. I was very popular and I grew up to be a big time executive…the CEO of my father’s company…who spends all my free time at the office working even…even when I don’t need to. I’m stuck in the pattern of “make your parents happy,” but…I’m not happy.

(The Workaholic freezes and the Discouraged is spotlighted)

Discouraged: I was born to a…well a middle class family; I guess you’d call it that. We always had money, but very little and I couldn’t get into college without money. I’m used to rejection, though; by my parents, my friends…hell even everyone at school. I was set up to fail by everyone around me. I want to be my own person and I want to make something of my life but…how can I do that if nobody accepts me?

(The Discouraged freezes and the Quiet One is spotlighted)

Quiet One: I was born into a proper home. I was home schooled. I never had any friends, really, except my siblings; there were many of them. I was the youngest. I was always told to watch my tongue, for if I said anything bad in the world, I would be shunned. For that I never left the house. I worry about everything. I’m stuck in a world where nobody knows me for who I am.

Workaholic: Well, then. That explains that. We’ve come from three completely different backgrounds.

Discouraged: So it can’t be that…

Workaholic: What is it, then?

Discouraged: Well it isn’t personality, it isn’t childhood…

Quiet One: It’s got to be something deeper than that.

Workaholic: But what?

Discouraged: We made it pretty clear that our childhoods aren’t what connect us.

Quiet One: There’s got to be something deeper…there’s got to.

(Lights fade and they all exit. The Voice enters as the lights go up.)

Voice: It can’t be personality. It can’t be family. It can’t be childhood. What can it be? How can it be? Why them? What? How? Why? What? How? Why? What? How? Why? That word: Why. Why them? Are they truly as different as they thought they were? It can’t be personality, they say. One’s a Workaholic. One’s Discouraged. One’s Quiet. It can’t be family, they say. One grew up in a rich, high class, worry-free life. One grew up in a middle-class, tight-on-money, rejection-based life. One grew up in a quiet, proper, un-social life. It can’t be childhood, they say. The favorite; The reject; The runt. They are different in every way (Pause) except one.

(Lights dim and the Voice exits. The three re-enter on stage)

Workaholic: There isn’t even anything here! We’re stuck in a barren wasteland!

Discouraged: Nothing…I’ve never been in such a… a nothingness. It’s eerie.

Quiet One: What is it…?

Workaholic: There’s got to be something here…

Discouraged: There’s no way out…

Quiet One: What is it…?

Workaholic: We’re trapped!

Discouraged: No way out!

Quiet One: What is it!?

Workaholic: Will you stop it!? You’re never going to find out!

Discouraged: No way out…

Workaholic: We’re stuck here for eternity. We’re stuck in a dream. We’ve lost our identity, our childhood, our NAMES for crying out loud!

Discouraged: We’re lost…

Workaholic: It’s a joke! A damn joke! (Looks all around, frantically) WHOEVER YOU ARE! IT’S NOT FUNNY! WE GIVE UP! WE GIVE UP! IT’S NOT FUNNY! (Collapses in a fit of sobs)

Discouraged: (Whispers) Gone… (Begins singing “Row Row Row Your Boat” and rocks back and fourth)

Quiet One: (In quiet thought, begins humming along with the Discouraged, then with sudden realization) I’ve got it! (Workaholic stops sobbing and the Discouraged stops singing)

Workaholic: What did you just say?

Quiet One: I’ve got it!

Discouraged: How? Explain.

Quiet One: I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before!

Workaholic and Discouraged: What is it!?

Quiet One: Though we are different by appearance, family, childhood, social status…

Workaholic and Discouraged: Go on.

Quiet One: We are similar in one light.

Workaholic and Discouraged: What?

Quiet One: We’re miserable. We do what the world wants us to do every day and we don’t stray because it’s what we’ve always known!

Workaholic: But aren’t there other people like that?

Discouraged: What’s so special about us?

Quiet One: We were picked at random. You see, we want a change, but we’re afraid to take it. We actually wonder, “Why?” when we have the answer right in front of us! We…
(Lights go out and the backlights go on. You can hear the Quiet One scream)

Workaholic: What the hell?! Discouraged: What happened!?

Voice: She’s free. Gone. Cast away into the world that she wants to change. Gone. Now what will you do? No light to guide you. No sanity within the insane. All you two do is ask yourselves why? Why? Why? But nothing ever gets done to correct that why. Three came. One went. One went to make something. Two stay to keep nothing. And now you keep on asking…so go. Stay. You can’t escape it. It’s always going to be there. You’re never going to get out. You’re mine.

Workaholic: What do I do?

Discouraged: What do I do?

Workaholic: Why am I here?

Discouraged: Why am I here?

Workaholic: Why can’t I leave?

Discouraged: Why can’t I leave?

Workaholic and Discouraged: WHY!? (Exit)

Voice: And so it is: (The Discouraged and The Workaholic’s heads drop) Why?