Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As you could probably guess from the title, yes it finally happened! Rocco proposed last Monday, March 21st at Sunday River. I'm so happy to be getting married to my soulmate and best friend! Ee!
I must admit, though after a week of engagement bliss I have found myself on the brink of insanity…to put it lightly, I mean. I'm stuck in the "make-everyone-happy" state of mind and I gotta tell ya, it's really screwing with my emotions. Planning a wedding is not as easy as I thought...
My mentality going into this was, "Oh, ours will be simple; we're offbeat so it'll be easy!"
Lies. We only just started sorting through who we want to come. I stretched my side of the family to about 25. Rocco has 97 and counting. Oy.
Either way I'm taking the week to not be insane and take a breather.
That's all for now, I'm off to class so I can sneak-read my Offbeat Bride book!



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