Friday, August 6, 2010

Minor Delay

I know I haven't posted in the past couple of days, but things have kind of sucked for the most part.
One thing after another has been going wrong and I was just not in the mood to write for my play let along blog.
But now I'm back and I'm ready for action!
I also come bearing news! Today I finally finished reading Neil Gaiman's "American Gods." When I was done I just got this wave of inspiration that rushed over me and I started writing. Most of my ideas came from a dream I had about two weeks ago, but nonetheless I'm starting...wait for it...a BOOK! I have enough ideas for it to actually be a viable piece of reading material. This is also very exciting for me because I have been wanting to write a book for a long time; a VERY LONG TIME.
I'll continue to post updates on ALL of my writing projects and maybe post clippings of writing once it really gets underway.
I look forward to hearing opinions and I can't wait to share it with you all!


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