Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Question 1: Maine's Defeat

Get ready, kids, I'm getting political.

I have been living in Maine officially for over a year and I've always loved it here...until now. As some of you know we have been in the middle of a furious battle over question 1: The ban on gay marriage. Well, I'm on the No on 1 side; the side that votes for equality. Sadly, as of last night we have lost. The bigots of Maine won.
I heard someone in class today discussing his point of view on what makes people gay. He said that being gay is a 'fetish' and that people aren't born that way. This guy is a theatre major; a theatre major who is AGAINST gay marriage because he grew up ignorant. This person will remain nameless...well either way I don't know his name...and I don't want to.
I grew up in a Catholic, conservative, homophobic family and I managed to come out of that independent, open minded, and yes LIBERAL. I struggled to find my independence and along the way I realized that there is more to the world than all of this oppressive garbage that gets filtered into our society every single day. Life in this country is going downhill very fast and I, for one am not going to stand for it much longer. This may seem like a rant and this may seem like some sort of liberal rambling, but it's not. It's a statement of our rights as humans to be free, equal, and proud of who we are as individuals.
To those of you who stand with me on this issue, let's give 'em hell.
Love to all you damn liberals; I'm right there with you.

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