Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I recently decided that I need a little more "me" time in the form of shopping. So, today I decided to go out and get myself a long, flow-ey, pink skirt (that I saw myself wearing in a dream and enjoyed) and possibly some tops. I did end up getting the skirt, but I also bought some black pants. Not dress pants, mind you, but just ordinary black pants. I figured that I needed some pants that weren't jeans or dress pants. Now all I need are some knee-high, brown riding boots and brown pants. (The boots were part of the dream ensemble) Now I'm in a tremendous good mood!
This good mood helped me to be quite productive on the one-woman-show; we'll call it Haunting for now. I'm finally getting into the nitty-gritty details of the main character's life that would cause her so much guilt after her mother's death. I figured that the mother character would be more fitting to the plot because it brings out a childish vulnerability in the main character that truly adds to her monologue and her characteristics.
I'm very excited, kids; this one's going to go places!


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Aubrey Silver said...

You should make the skirt....

make it...