Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something Different

Thanks to my dear friend, (and fellow blogger) Ed, or Aubrey Silver I have decided to try something totally different than what I normally do.
That's right, kids: daily posts!
I know it may seem like this is kind of strange -- I did start this blog with the intention of avoiding the whole "personal" thing. Yet, over the past few months I've felt that this is a necessary step towards my sanity, however late I may be.
I am excited about this; it's going to be big!
Sleep well, kids, because tomorrow is going to be a day.


Aubrey Silver said...

Personal posts are something that to me make a blog more interesting. When I get to know a person (digitally) I care more about reading about their lives. So in fact it might be a good thing to do.

artress9 said...

Well, since you're my only follower and I know you personally, as in face to face, it's not going to be as exciting for you. I just like sharing my ...art. =P

Aubrey Silver said...

Well, maybe I'll pick up some nuance of your personality that I didn't know before, plus when you do get more followers, they will want to read it.