Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, Darn...

I skipped yesterday!
Ah,'s bound to happen sometimes, I suppose.
Either way, things are looking very good from this end. I've been reading a TON of amazing plays this summer. The latest was Adam Rapp's The Metal Children. Let me tell you, it was awesome. Mr. Rapp has a way with dialogue that makes me not only totally envious, but it makes me feel like I'm reading someone's actual conversation. His plays may be racy, but I don't think I've ever felt such a connection to the dialogue as I have with his works.
I've been looking for something to propose for SPA's spring show. I'd love to direct a SPA show before I graduate. I'm also trying to access the innermost parts of my brain to come up with another play. I am hoping to break 100 pages with the next play I write. I have two just over 60, but alas this is still no good. I need something bigger...something with more plot...something AWESOME. It's so hard to find topics that haven't been over done, either. I have been wanting to write about something that comes from someone else; meaning their stories and experiences. I want to interview someone who has had serious struggles in life and I want to tell their story. I want them to feel empowered by it. I think I know what to do. I have the perfect idea. I can't say just yet, but the wheels are turning. If this idea works, it just may get me a scholarship.
This is the big one, guys! The wheels are a-turning!


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