Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twists, Turns, and Thickening

Ah, yes, plots. How magical they are!
I am still working on the play as you might have guessed. And as I stated before there will now be two acts. I have written a playwright's note to explain. (The characters of Eliza and Omi are sisters).
Here it is direct from the script!

Playwright’s Note:

Both Acts take place on the same night. Both “Eliza” and “Omi” are played by the same actress, but it should be easy for the audience to tell that they are two totally different characters. Any words referring to the mother character are capitalized because she plays a significant role in the piece, even though she has no lines. With that in mind it is important to emphasize that she is indeed a character in this just as Eliza and Omi are. Her presence is, in fact what directs the characters’ monologues.

This creates a direction for the actress and director to follow when they are presenting the material.

I've also decided that as the play progresses I will provide snippets of text as a sort of teaser. I would also encourage my follower (with hope of obtaining more soon) to give notes or comment on the pieces I provide. Eventually when the script is done I will send it out on request for notes and edits.

Remember: good grammar is less annoying than bad grammar.



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